Guised colours

An Indian woman seen with mehendi (henna) painted hands in Delhi

“With the enormous shades of life

Her skin has been tinted with cerise

Now she has wandered out to strive 

For the counted days of her wounded life”
Often it is understood that black and white takes the vibrance out of things. How boring it would be to live in a monochromatic world ? How dull would be life without colours….

This is a picture of an indian woman wearing mehendi(henna) on her hands. Henna leaves a deep , rich maroon colour on the hands. Applying mehendi has been of cultural importance and is a part of Indian tradition. Mehendi , symbolically means beautification , growth, vibrance and fertility. It is a symbol of happiness and new beginnings.

This black and white photo in fact, adds more depth to this concept.          

Now she has wandered out to strive

For the counted days of her wounded life

This colourless photograph highlights the journey of these women, their struggles, their strength, their wisdom and their beauty. 




Raindrops like diamonds.

It is truly amazing how nature changes everything, transforms everything, makes more beautiful.

Took this shot on an early morning when I had woken up to the sound of rain. Yes, the sound of the raindrops splashing on my windowpane was nature’s way of waking me up. I went out in the balcony to see that my plants had really come alive. They looked so fresh and green. I closed my eyes, sat quietly for a while, hearing nature’s each and every sound, hearing the silence, hearing the noise.