Boris Kanev and Marta Samalea.  Do these names ring a bell?

Okay… let me give you a hint .  They did what most of us can not even imagine doing in this time and age.

…? .. got it?

Yes. They are the couple who started off from Bulgaria in October 2013 to reach India without taking a plane. They reached India via Myanmar in 511 days. They travelled across the remotest parts of the world by road, walking and hitchhiking. They looked up maps , and even updated a blog. Doesn’t sound like a very hard thing to do…right?

Now here’s the tricky part.

They did all this , without a smartphone! read it right.

You must be thinking they are crazy. At a time when we people can not even spare our phones for a minute, these guys decided to travel almost half way through the world…

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Hello everybody!!

Hi there!

Firstly , thanks a lot for coming to my blog and giving me a chance to tell you about myself and what I will be writing.

To be true, I am an ambivert . Often, I don’t understand how to express my thoughts to others. And I believe that writing is a way through which I can do that and reach out to people who share similar thoughts and feelings as I do.

I feel that the most mundane aspects of our daily lives are shaped by multiple factors , and they in turn lead us to make the choices that we make and have the ideas and beliefs that we hold. And even a little bit of positivity in our lives will make us go a long way.

There are a lot of thoughts that come to our mind. Maybe it’s because of something that we read or saw or maybe they are just random thoughts. Some of them we do express and some we don’t. Sometimes we are asking questions and sometimes we are helping others find their answers. As we learn and interact, we grow. I will be writing about the various things that cross my mind. They may be questions, answers or even some silly thoughts. But these will be the things that I deeply feel about. And I will try not to bore you!

I hope it will be a wonderful way for us to share our ideas. Making the slightest difference in the lives of people around us gives happiness. Hope to make this world a better place. 🙂

Thank you for reading till the end.

Have a nice day!!