What is happiness?

Maybe it is in the bubbles that the little girl tried to hold in her hands while giggling away in her mother’s arms

Maybe it is the sweet breeze on a pleasant morning

Maybe it is in singing aloud your favourite song

Maybe it is in those two seconds when our eyes meet

Maybe it is in the perfect cup of coffee you made for yourself

Maybe it is in those last lines of the book you just read

Maybe it is sitting quietly and reading your breath

Maybe it is the five minute nap you took on a busy day

Maybe it is in feeling the gush of the waves hitting your feet

Maybe it is in the moment you saw the sun set over the  horizon

Maybe it is crying out all your sadness

Maybe it is in feeling alive

Maybe it is in you…..





There is so much to learn !

Yea we all know that. But what do we do about it?

It never struck me so hard until a few days back that I was wasting so much time , on petty things. Whereas there are soo many things to learn .

Such a diverse and fascinating world we live in. Each person different. Each idea unique. Each experience invaluable. Each skill mesmerising.  LEARN.

Learn to sing or dance or cook or learn a new language ! Learn to understand. Learn to smile more often. Learn to be happy. Learn to give . Learn to explore. Learn to learn !

The world is an open book. Read all you can. Absorb all you can. Learn all you can. Drench yourself.

Make every day count.