What is happiness?

Maybe it is in the bubbles that the little girl tried to hold in her hands while giggling away in her mother’s arms

Maybe it is the sweet breeze on a pleasant morning

Maybe it is in singing aloud your favourite song

Maybe it is in those two seconds when our eyes meet

Maybe it is in the perfect cup of coffee you made for yourself

Maybe it is in those last lines of the book you just read

Maybe it is sitting quietly and reading your breath

Maybe it is the five minute nap you took on a busy day

Maybe it is in feeling the gush of the waves hitting your feet

Maybe it is in the moment you saw the sun set over the  horizon

Maybe it is crying out all your sadness

Maybe it is in feeling alive

Maybe it is in you…..






” Mom !!!  I want to be independent. Stop treating me like a small kid now ! “

Most of us would have said , or at least heard someone say that they want to be independent .

But have we really thought about it?­­­

 What is independence ? Why do we keep stressing about our independence so much?

Usually we tend to equate independence with freedom. But are they both the same?

No. The concept of independence is un alike that of freedom.

Independence has two aspects – being independent in the mind and being physically independent in the sense of supporting oneself.

I feel, being independent is a very important aspect of life which helps one to grow. It helps us to understand ourselves better. See for ourselves where we stand and what we are capable of all by ourselves. It makes us confident and gives a sense of accomplishment. Independence is about being self-reliant , self-confident and believing in ones ideas and thoughts.

But every person has a different perspective and understanding of independence. In fact, our society plays a vital role in shaping our ideas of personal independence.

In the modern society , being independent is considered as the biggest treasure. Today, people build their lives around being independent and not needing anyone else’s help or support.  But is being physically independent so as to support oneself  the only aspect of it?

No , it’s not. Everyone becomes financially independent at some point of time. But that’s not the crucial part here. The more significant part is to have your own free views and thoughts.

Most people don’t experience it.

Partially because all the aspects of our life are not in our control. One may be independent in the sense of having a stable job and supporting oneself. But the latter part of independence , that is, our thoughts , believes and ideas are not entirely shaped by us. These are generally influenced by the people around us our family, friends , colleagues etc. And we usually end up doing what everyone does. We follow the crowd.

But when we talk of being independent why do we ignore the second aspect to a large extent? Maybe we are conditioned to do so. To accept that this is how it all works. To feel that doing what others do is perfectly normal. We all subject ourselves to conformities. We are told what the society thinks is right and we are expected to think the same way. And if you try to question it , you are put off as an idiot.

My question is why can’t one have ones own unique perspective or ideas on anything? Why are we made to believe that what everyone does will be good for us too? Why do we not accept the different views of people?  Why are we always told to be like someone, think like someone?  Why are we so judgemental?

People or society don’t encourage indigenity. If  someone is studying science , you must also study science because society views it as a good option for you. They won’t consider the fact that you are passionate about History or photography or anything else for that matter .

Independence is not just about the financial part of it but the more important part is the independence of ones ideas and believes. Those which are not influenced by what others think or do. It’s about finding your own little space and appreciating it.

So do what you feel is right . Think . Ideate. Be independent.